The TEAC CD55A Windows 95 Driver Rant and Rave Page

This site was created in December of 1995 in response to the numerous problems people had with Windows 95 drivers (or lack thereof, really) working with their Teac CD55A CDROM drives. I created these pages over a four-month period with substantial input from many, many people and then froze them. After a year, it was necessary to move them to a new site, and Matteo Risoldi (a true warrior in the CD55A movement) suggested a move to GeoCities. Shortly thereafter, Matteo took over responsibility for the site as curator. Now (January 1998) Matteo too needs to turn his attention to other matters, so the site is history. Thanks go out to Matteo for extending the site's life the past year.


If you are just now trying to get a CD55A to work with Windows 95, I have three suggestions:

  1. Give up. Most of us have moved on to cheaper drives that are much faster.
  2. Install it in an old DOS machine - it seems to work well there.
  3. Try looking at the TEAC site (TEAC Data Storage CD-ROM Technical Support), something that did not exist two years ago.


Sorry that we are no longer to maintain this site. If you are able to abolish any links to this page, it would be greatly appreciated, since this is my desktop machine. Thanks!

This page was maintained and edited by Rob Beezer.