Mathematical Modeling (Math/CS 471, Spring 1998)

Class schedule

Library of Congress Headings containing "mathematical models" for books in UPS library

UPS and the Mathematical Competition in Modeling

Michael Trick's Operations Research Page - A great jumping off point

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) [Student Home Page] [ Operations Research Courses on the WWW]

Optimization Technology Center (OTC) Home of the Network-Enabled Optimization Server (NEOS) - optimization software you can run over the Internet from within your browser! [ Case Studies]

LINDO Systems - Makers of LINGO, software for linear programming. Free, downloadable versions of their programs (with limits on the constraints) are available.

Modeling Ecology

Textbooks on Mathematical Modeling in Ecology

Greenhat Software - software for modeling plants and crops (evaluation versions available)

Louis Gross' Home Page - lots of modeling in biology and ecology

Fish Ecology at Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Publications List

Two examples: Coho salmon life history and Population estimates of northern squawfish

Speakers Bureau

  1. John Riegsecker, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
  2. Zelda Zabinsky, University of Washington Department of Industrial Engineering, UPS Class of '80 (?) (April 23)
  3. Ed Josberger, United States Geological Survey (April)

Jokes about Modeling the Economy