Mathematical Modeling (Math/CSci 471, Spring 2000)

Library of Congress Headings containing "mathematical models" for books in UPS library

UPS and the Mathematical Competition in Modeling

Michael Trick's Operations Research Page - A great jumping off point

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) [Student Home Page]

Traveling Salesman Problem Demos

These are picks from Digital Cats Java Resource Center:

Elastic Net Method

Several heuristics, clickable map

A solution using a neural network

Optimization and Linear Programming

Bob Vanderbei's Home Page - Lots of interesting Java applets, check out the simplex pivoter.

Optimization Technology Center (OTC) Home of the Network-Enabled Optimization Server (NEOS) - optimization software you can run over the Internet from within your browser! [Case Studies]

LINDO Systems - Makers of LINGO, software for linear programming. Free, downloadable versions of their programs (with limits on the constraints) are available.


Background information: Chicago Tribune articles on epidemics in Africa (Spring 2000) [Sleeping Sickness] [AIDS] [Ebola, etc.]

Modeling Ecology

Textbooks on Mathematical Modeling in Ecology

Greenhat Software - software for modeling plants and crops (evaluation versions available)

Louis Gross' Home Page - lots of modeling in biology and ecology

Fish Ecology at Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Publications List

Two examples: Coho salmon life history and Population estimates of northern squawfish

Cellular Automata Programs

Bomb - Wild eye candy!

Paul's Page of Conway's Life Miscellany - WinLife and other implementations

Jokes about Modeling the Economy