Harned Hall Construction Video

In January 2005 the University of Puget Sound began a major addition to, and renovation of, the science building, Thompson Hall. The existing three wings, in a "U" shape, were closed off into an "O" shape with the addition of a new wing, christened Harned Hall.

Construction took roughly eighteen months, concluding in May 2006. During that time, a camera mounted on the existing tower of Thompson Hall just above the clock face visible in the photos below. This camera was was available over the Internet. I collected images every five minutes, every workday for seven or eight hours. The result is 31,792 images detailing the progession of the project. I've assembled these as a movie, where a minute of video equals roughly a month of construction.

The soundtrack is a collection of open-content instrumental music by Derek K. Miller ( Title screens and the combination of the video and audio into DVD-Video format was ably accomplished by my son, David Beezer. Since Derek has graciously made his music available for all to use, it is incumbent on David and me to license this material similarly. So this movie is copyrighted, but happily licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

Three files are available to download, two are large at roughly 700 MB each. The MPEG2 should be playable in most any media player, while the ISO can be burned to a blank DVD (if you have the right software) to make a DVD-Video. The MPEG4 is lower resolution and lower quality, but only 83 MB. It should run in Apple's Quicktime Player. These three files are Copyright 2006 by Robert A. Beezer, but licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

Harned Hall Construction Video (MPEG2, 700 MB)
Harned Hall Construction Video (ISO, 700 MB)
Harned Hall Construction Video (MPEG4, 83 MB)

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Before January 2005 April 2005 (Photo by George Paton)