The Blue Dot Page

Your Blue Dot is the "time-weighted average" of your location on the Earth. That is to say, what is the average place you have lived? For example if you lived in New York City for the first ten years of your life, and then moved to Los Angeles, where you have lived for twenty years, then your Blue Dot would be just east of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Blue Dot Computer (an Excel Spreadsheet, v1.0)

I have built a spreadsheet to help you compute your Blue Dot. You can download a copy, or view the readme file. This is emailware - send me a message if you enjoy using it, and tell me where your Blue Dot is.

Internet Mapping Resources

Here are some useful sites for help with computing your Blue Dot.

Some Musings on Blue Dots

Rob Beezer, BEEZER(at)UPS(dot)EDU, Updated: July 2, 1998, Created: January 5. 1996