This is an assortment of links and instructions related to the open-source mathematics software, Sage.

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Quick Start

  1. Make an account at the registration page so you can login to the free Sage server. No nosy questions, just make up a username and set a password.
  2. Connect to the free, public Sage server at and login.
  3. Create a new worksheet and begin experimenting, OR
  4. Upload worksheets using the "Upload" link in the upper-left corner.
  5. For worksheets listed on this page, typically a right-click on the link will give you a menu that will allow you to copy the link, then you can paste the link into the Upload form mentioned in the previous step. Each "cell" of a worksheet has a little "evaluate" link underneath it to make a cell execute.


  1. Sage in an abstract algebra textbook: Sage and AATA
  2. Sage in a linear algebra textbook: Sage and FCLA
  3. Vector Calculus, 2D and 3D Motion [2D Worksheet, Ellipse] [3D Worksheet, Exponential Spiral]
  4. Level Curves (Math 280, Section 12.1) [Worksheet]
  5. Approximating Polynomials (Math 181, Chapter 8) [Worksheet]
  6. Sequences and Series (Math 181, Sections 8.1, 8,2) [Worksheet]
  7. Polar Graphs, Step-by-Step with Colors (Math 181, Section 9.2) [Worksheet]
  8. Group Theory and SAGE: A Primer. Obsolete - see material for AATA textbook. [PDF], Rob Beezer, April 30, 2009