Links for UPS Math/CS Students

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics
If you are looking for a study abroad program where you can do some serious coursework in mathematics, this is it. The Hungarians are world-class mathematicians, and the courses are in English. Complete details are available by following this link. You can get more details about participating in a study abroad program by visiting UPS's International Programs Office in Warner Gym.
Mathematicians at Work
The Mathematical Association of America has collected many short essays from professionals describing careers that involve mathematics, and how their undergraduate education has played a role in their successes. If you have ever asked the question, "What can I do with a mathematics major?", these essays might provide some interesting answers.
UPS Math/CS Alumni
An area of the UPS Mathematics and Computer Science Department WWW server contains descriptions from many recent UPS graduates, describing their occupations or graduate studies. Most have graciously (or exuberantly) consented to field inquiries from interested students. So if you want to learn what some recent grads are up to, or if you want to ask questions of them, this is a great place to go.
Rob Beezer,, Updated: Nov 15, 1994, Created: Nov 15, 1994