The Art and Science of Secret Writing (Fall 2003)

Syllabus, Course Guidelines



  1. Steganography

  2. Assignment [HTML] [PDF]
    Compression/Decompression by WinZip
    JPegHideSeek by Allan Latham (DOS/Windows/Linux) JPHS
    Peter Wayner's Disappearing Cryptography [FAQ] [Stego Bit Twiddler] [Message Hiding & Baseball]
    Steganography links at

  3. Monoalphabetic Substitution

  4. Assignment [HTML] [PDF]
    Cryptogram Helper Applet
    Cryptogram Solver Applet [False Positives]
    Mono by J.W. Stumpel (DOS with C Source)
    US Army Field Manuals [Field Manual 34402] - frequency tables in Appendix A
    Simon Singh's Letter Frequencies and Simple Frequency Counter
    Letter Frequency Analysis Calculator
    Frequencies in Other Languages

  5. Solitaire/Pontifex Stream Cipher Algorithm

  6. Assignment [HTML] [PDF]
    The Algorithm

  7. Simplified DES

  8. Assignment [HTML] [PDF]
    Simplified DES Calculator
    Cracking DES Electronic Frontier Foundation. Brute force with cheap chips.
    ASCII Codes

  9. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) - Key Generation

  10. Assignment [HTML] [PDF]
    Eudora Email Client [Download Page]
    Pretty Good Privacy (Freeware versions from MIT)
    International PGP Site [Downloads]
    Tutorial: Installing PGP 7.0.3 with Eudora and Windows
    Arnold Reinhold's Papers [Diceware] [PGP Passphrases (HTML)] [PGP Passphrases (Signed)]
    OpenPGP Standard
    Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG)
    PGP Corporation
    Passphrase FAQs [Version 1.0,1993] [Version 1.04, 1997]
    The Web of Trust
    Keysigning Parties

  11. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) - Encryption

  12. Assignment [HTML] [PDF]
    Recovering "Deleted" Files

  13. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) - Digital Signatures

  14. Assignment [HTML] [PDF]
    Signature995 - Triple DES, Certificates, etc.

  15. Digital Time Stamping

  16. Assignment [HTML] [PDF]
    Stamper (Digital Timestamping Service)

  17. Anonymous Remailers, Mixmasters

  18. Assignment [HTML] [PDF]
    Remailer Introduction
    APAS Anonymous Remailer FAQ
    Remailer Configurations, Keys, Usage Stats ('s Thesaurus)
    Remailer Reliability (Type I only) (
    MixMaster (Type II) WWW interface (Chicago remailer) W3 Anonymous Remailer
    André Bacard's Privacy Page [Point: Anonymous Remailer FAQ] [Counterpoint: Strassmann/Marlow]
    Some Remailers
    Hushmail (free, secure email, WWW interface)
    QuickSilver (Windows email client with Mixmaster support)

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These are some links to various books and journals.
Diffie, Whitfield; Landau, Susan. Privacy On the Line : The Politics of Wiretapping and Encryption
Availble to UPS community on-line through NetLibrary.
Bamford, James. The Puzzle Palace.
A history and expose of the NSA. [Chapter 8] [Chapter 9] [Chapter 10]
Bamford, James. Body of Secrets
A very recent update of The Puzzle Palace.
Hodges, Andrew. Alan Turing: the Enigma
Biography of Alan Turing. German Enigma cipher plus early computer science.
Schneier, Bruce. Applied Cryptography
Published in the early 90's. Already a classic. Mathematics, protocols, implementations.
Electronic Frontier Foundation. Cracking DES
Brute force with cheap chips. Entertaining.
Hager, Nicky. Secret Power
New Zealand's role in ECHELON, UKUSA Alliance, NSA partnerships. [Chapter 1] [Chapter 2]
Stallings, W. Cryptography and Network Security.
Advanced textbook.
Quarterly journal for cryptology.
Stephenson, Neal. Crytonomicon
Fun. The featured encryption is Pontifex.
Brown, Dan. The Davinci Code
A novel based on cryptology. Haven't read it. Yet.

Rob Beezer, BEEZER(at)UPS(dot)EDU, Fall 2003.