Advanced Linear Algebra (Math 420A, Spring 2007)

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Course Projects

Dynamic Course Schedule

The schedule below will be refined and adjusted as the course progresses.

Week of Monday Wednesday Friday
Jan 15 Chapter VS Chapter LT
Jan 22 Chapter R Chapters M, SLE Chapters E, D
Jan 29 Section NLT Section NLT No Class
Feb 5 Section NLT Section IS Section IS
Feb 12 Section OD Section JCF Section JCF
Feb 19 Finite Fields Linear Codes 1 Linear Codes 2
Feb 26 Exam #1 Exam Redux No Class
Mar 5 Syndrome Decoding
Section ROD Section TD
Mar 12 Spring Break Spring Break Spring Break
Mar 19 Section PSM Section SV Section SR
Section POD
Mar 26 Section T Linear Programming 1 Linear Programming 2
Take-Home Exam #2
Apr 2 Curve Fitting Secret Sharing Theory Exam #2
Apr 9 Eigenvalues and Vibrating Strings Algebraic Graph Theory
Written Projects (5PM, Apr 12)
MAA Meeting
Linfield College
Apr 16 Housekeeping Ady Olson - Lights Out
Jessica Olsen - Infinite-Dimensional Vector Spaces
Kaitlin Lubetkin - Population Biology
Alex Paauwe - Algebraic Graph Theory
Take-Home Exam #3
Apr 23 Sean Brakken-Thal - Gershgorin's Theorem
Eric Reckwerdt - Graph Drawing
Tasha Underhill - Data Compression
Deanna Shifton - Metabolic Control Analysis
Theory Exam #3
Apr 30 Tim Zitzer - Generalized Inverses
Elizabeth Million - Hadamard Product
Peter Ott - Bilinear Forms
Rob Hildebrand - Householder Transformation

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