Linear Algebra (Math 290A&B, Fall 2013)

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In-class worksheets for Chapter R, as web pages, powered by the Sage Cell Server


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This Term's Exams

Keys from this semester's exams.

Books on Proofs

The books below are in the spirit of the recommended text "Nuts and Bolts of Proof." If you find that book helpful, you might consider ordering one or more of these from someplace like or Barnes & Noble (these texts are listed in order of my familiarity with them, which may not be the same order I would recommend them in).


Sage is open-source software for advanced mathematics. There are many ways to use it.

Main website for Sage: Sage Website

See below for information on in-class demonstrations.


LaTeX and Sage Demos

I will periodically do demonstrations with LaTeX and Sage, using the Sage Math Cloud. Here are instructions on how to syncronize my Sage Math Cloud with yours. This assumes you have already made an account (which is easy).

First Time Setup Only


Old Examinations

These examinations are offered with no guarantees. Notation, techniques, and emphases will vary (sometimes radically) from semester to semester. Use at your own risk.

Fall 2012 (with Sage problems, no solutions):
[SLE]  [V]  [M]  [VS]  [D&E]  [LT]  [R]

Spring 2012 (with Sage problems, handwritten solutions):
[SLE]  [V]  [M]  [VS]  [D&E]  [LT]  [R]

Spring 2010 (with solutions):
[SLE]  [V]  [M]  [VS]  [D&E]  [LT]  [R]

Spring 2008 (with solutions):
[SLE]  [V]  [M]  [VS]  [D&E]  [LT]  [R]

Fall 2007 (with solutions):
[SLE]  [V]  [M]  [VS]  [D&E]  [LT]  [R]

Spring 2007 (with solutions):
[SLE]  [V]  [M]  [VS]  [D&E]  [LT]  [R]

Fall 2006 (with solutions):
[SLE]  [V]  [M]  [VS]  [D&E]  [LT]  [R]

Fall 2005 (with solutions):
[SLE]  [V]  [M]  [VS]  [D&E]  [LT]  [R]

Spring 2005 (with solutions):
[SLE]  [V]  [M]  [VS]  [D&E]  [LT]  [R]

Fall 2004 (with solutions):
[SLE]  [V]  [M]  [VS]  [D&E]  [LT]  [R]

Fall 2003:
[1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5]  [6]

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